xhp wwe 12 caw editor

Bhangra_MAN WolfgangJT, classic 30th Jan 13, hulk Hogan.
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I finally got through the three stooges using virtualbox and windows.Name, creator, attire, added, dL Only, vid.Now i'm just trying to figure out how to inject and transfer correctly.If you use older unsupported versions then it will be broken.Bhangra_MAN Shock 30th Jan 13, british Bulldog, bhangra_MAN Carpe Diem 30th Jan 13, hulk Hogan.Bhangra_MAN WolfgangJT, hollywood nWo 30th Jan 13, sabu xxghost1x.Bhangra_MAN WolfgangJT, pre-nWo / WCW 30th Jan 13, hulk Hogan.
You need a jtag and really you should be using the WWE12-13 one not the old one, since the new one supports both WWE12 and 13, the same with the CAW editor.Bhangra_MAN WolfgangJT, red Yellow 30th Jan 13, hulk Hogan.Rob Van Dam, bhangra_MAN Shock 30th Jan 13, kevin Nash.ECW 12th Jan 13, the Rock, fNJimmy, old One With Hair 12th Jan.Santa Claus, the Animal, red 12th Jan 13 JBL TheOfficialSlimber Black Only 12th Jan 13 Mantis YobyDren 7th Nov 12 Sheamus George White 7th Nov 12 Ryback StoneColdSanju Green 7th Nov 12 Deuce Timothy Badger 7th Nov 12 Ryback Addis 7th Nov 12 Lita Smacktalks.